Thursday, March 4, 2010

Paratha Cup

I was too lazy to prepare for our tea on sunday. Took me few minutes to get an idea what is easy & quick snack to be prepared. I came out with Paratha cup with potatoes topping. The topping as simple as for karipap filling.

Took the paratha from the freezer and put them in the microwave for few seconds. Then  i started to chopped the potatoes, meat, onion and garlic. Campak2 jer dlm kuali, letak sedikit rempah kurma. Sementara tunggu kentang empuk, potong paratha ikut saiz acuan tart dan tekan2. Bakar dlm 7-8 minit. In the mean time, kentang pun masak. Kuarkan paratha cup, letakkan topping kentang tadi....

Patut hias sikit dgn cili merah dan daun sup + daun bawang bg naik seri lg. tp hari tu, dah kehabisan stok..

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